BVU Archives Internships


The BVU Archives will offer one semester-long internship; only one internship will be available in a given academic year. The BVU Archivist holds a split position (70% archives/30% library) and is unable to devote full time to supervising interns. The internship may take place in the fall or the spring semester. Student interns may earn 3 credit hours by working 8 hours per week, or they may earn 2 credit hours by working 5 hours per week. Internships will be formalized with the student’s adviser and the Office of Career and Personal Development.

Before a student applies for an internship in the BVU Archives, however, they will volunteer for at least one full semester, working 1-2 hours per week under the supervision of the archivist. Refer to the BVU Archives Student Volunteers page for complete information.

If a volunteer wishes to pursue an archives internship, only one person will be chosen as intern during a given academic year. If several students desire to intern at the same time, they will submit a statement of interest, which includes a rationale for their selection as best candidate. Students’ past volunteer performance will also be judged and, if necessary, the archivist will conduct interviews to help make a final decision. Although unlikely, the archivist reserves the right to decline a prospective intern, even if they are the sole applicant.


This statement is subject to revision, as needed, at any time.



December 6, 2016